Cambridge Sex Therapy


Our first session is an opportunity for you to find out more about sex therapy, and for me to find out whether I think sex therapy could be helpful for you.  If you are in a relationship, it is best to see you together for this first session, but if that’s not possible, then please don’t worry.  


The second stage involves me seeing each of you separately, usually for two sessions each.  This helps us understand what has caused the sexual difficulties in the first place, and develop ideas about what has made it difficult to resolve them without professional help.  As a client, you can expect to find this process insightful and productive.  For me, it means that I have the information I need to build a treatment plan for you that will work.  


The third stage starts with some feedback from me based on our shared learning through the previous stage.  I then give you exercises to do every week, designed to resolve your sexual difficulties.  Some of the exercises will be for you to do alone, and others will involve your partner, if you have one.  It’s my job to help you feel relaxed and comfortable about doing these exercises.


We will be talking about sex, but at a pace and in a way that feels OK to you.  I know that talking about sexual problems can be difficult, and I use my counselling skills to help you feel at ease.  


We only talk in our therapy sessions.  Practical exercises that I may suggest always happen in the privacy of your own home.

What does sex therapy consist of?