Cambridge Sex Therapy


Premature ejaculation means that you don’t yet know your ‘point of inevitability’ – the signs that tell you that you are about to orgasm.  As a result, you might ejaculate before penetration, or soon afterwards.  


I help you learn how to identify your ‘point of inevitability’ and manage your level of sexual excitement so that you can control when you ejaculate.  


Delayed ejaculation may mean that you cannot ejaculate at all, even through masturbation.  


Or it may mean that you cannot ejaculate through penetration, or take what you and your partner feel to be an excessively long time.  


Provided the cause is not medical (several forms of medication can interfere with ejaculation), then in my experience delayed ejaculation responds well to sex therapy.  

Premature or Delayed Ejaculation